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About The Project

Supply: 1111 NFTs

Mint Price: 30 ADA



Punks Of Darkness is a collection of hand-generated punk characters in the form of ghosts, minted as NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.

Why the reference to ghosts? The Cardano network has been referred to as a „ghostchain“ for years by those who never understood the bigger picture.

For this reason, there are two prominent identifying features in this NFT collection. One is the ghost in the form of a punk and the other is the two chains. The chains then connect the individual ghost punks into one giant ghost chain. A symbol for the blockchain and thus the common steadfastness.

And why the name Punks Of Darkness? Quite simply, the name sounds simply ingenious. There are definitely enough punks in the NFT space, so this project is not primarily about the punks, but about the Ghostchain myth.


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